Surfsea GT330-L - 3.3m Inflatable Boat with Aluminium Floor

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The Surfsea GT330-L is a 3.3 metre inflatable with an aluminium deck, capable of seating 4 adults and a child and utilising an outboard motor of up to 15hp.

This relatively lightweight (58kg) craft comes in light grey with a dark blue trim and is suited to a wide range of uses.

Made from tough 1100 Decitex 0.9mm PVC fabric, with heavier weight 1.2mm PVC being used for the hull base. In addition to this we use 1.2mm wear strips on the rear of the two main tubes with a thick heavy duty oversize rubber keel strip running the length of the hull.

Inflatable Marine Sports boat with deep 'V' inflatable keel, aluminium deck floor


Model No.: GT330-L
Colour: Light Grey with Dark Blue Trim
Gross weight: 58kg
Maximum load: 560kg
Maximum engine power: 15hp
Maximum engine weight: 35kg
Maximum personnel: 4 + 1
Air chambers: 3 + keel
Outer length: 330cm
Inner hull length: 220cm
Outer width: 152cm
Inner width: 80cm
Tube diameter: 44cm
Recommended tube air pressure: 3.0 psi
Recommended keel air pressure: 3.0 psi
Floor system: Aluminium Floor
Tube fabric: 1100 Decitex PVC fabric
Boat bottom/keel fabric: 1.2mm PVC fabric


All listed features come as standard :-

Wear strips on the keel and tube bottoms
We have added 1.2mm wear strips on the rear of the two main tubes as well as a purpose made 19.5cm ribbed pvc strip that runs the full length of keel, as this is where boats wear out first. As boats spend most of their time sitting on deck, sand or even rocks, simply by adding these features they will help increase the lifespan of your boat.

Over-pressure relief valve
Tubes expand in the sun, this auto valve simply releases the excess pressure. If your boat does not have this fitted, pressure builds up and simply works its way between the glued sections, causing the boat to have a permanent, and very annoying leak.

Independent air chambers
These are conical in shape, fitted to ensure equal pressure in all three tube compartments. They also have the advantage that If one tube compartment is ruptured, the others remain airtight and boat retains its buoyancy, making it very safe!

Buoyancy - Level Flotation.
This is the safest option and means that there is enough flotation distributed in the correct way in the boat, so that people can stay in the boat if it is swamped and it won’t capsize. Even if the boat is full of water, it will stay stable and upright.

Rubbing strake with splash guard
These protection strips will prevent knocks and scrapes from damaging the tubes when along side piers, pontoons, etc.

Life lines
To hold onto whilst in the water or sitting in the boat.

Bow handle
Large stainless steel handle complete with ring for attaching mooring rope (supplied)

Towing rings
These oversize 'D' style stainless steel rings are perfect for attaching when towing, one fitted each side.

Inflatable keel
Deep 'v' style keel which results in added stability. Also helps boat ride higher in the water, plane easier and results in a drier ride!

Aluminium Floor
Heavy duty sectional 12mm aluminium floor with front section made of marine ply. The floor once assembled is braced and held rigid by two side stringers which lock floor firmly in place. (19.4kg)

Carry handles
Six large carry handles, conveniently placed, fitted port and starboard.

25mm Marine grade plywood, short-shaft height with fitted mounting plates for engine. Now bolted as well as glued onto transom holder for added strength.

Two seats both made from marine grade aluminium - removable & positionable. (3.5kg)

Two aluminium removable oars bolted onto fitted rowlocks. (1.5kg)

Inflation valves
Dependable low profile valves - one in each air chamber, and keel.

Drain valve
One way drain valve with plug. Remove the bung when underway and any water aboard will be discharged through the valve automatically!

Round tube ends
Our new design with rounded tube ends means that you'll have a more stable boat, allowing you to get up on the plane quicker, and to maintain this at lower speeds than before.

Australian boat builders plate
Legally this plate has to be fitted to all new boats sold. It also comes with a Hull Identification Number (HIN) which is unique to your boat.

Package includes:
  • 1 x carry bag
  • 1 x foot pump
  • 1 x manual
  • 2 x aluminium oars
  • 1 x repair kit containing:-
    • 1 x glue
    • 3 x repair patches
    • 1 x valve wrench

    Optional accessories (these can be purchased separately):
  • Under seat bags
  • Boat covers
  • Launching Wheels
  • Repair kits

  • Shipping info:
     Weight: 67kg
     Size: 112cm x 70cm x 44cm

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