12v Electric Deluxe Air Pump with Dial (GP80-B)

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Product Description
Our high-pressure inflator pumps are an incredible dual action, automatic, 12 volt pump developed in Australia. Designed to blow up inflatable boats with no effort at all. Just set the dial at the required pressure and press the ON Button, using the built in battery the pump will then inflate your boat to its correct pressure and stop automatically.

How the pump works:

When the pump starts it will be on a HIGH VOLUME (Turbine) pump until the pressure reaches 2-3 psi. Then the pump will automatically switch over to the HIGH PRESSURE (Piston) pump and inflate the boat to its set pressure. Once reaching the set pressure the pump will automatically turn itself off.

High-pressure inflator pump automatically stops at the pressure level that you select and is also ideal for deflating, it comes with an 8 piece multi valve adapter. Once you've used one of these pumps, you'll never manually pump up your boat again.


Comes with all the same features as our Standard model Plus:
  • Pumps from a minimum of 8 kPa (1.1 psi) to 80 kPa (12 psi) maximum.
  • Internal rechargeable battery, allowing you to take the pump almost anywhere

Included Accessories:
  • Set of generic plastic adapters designed to fit most types of air valve
  • Soft carry bag with storage compartments and carry strap
  • 1.6m flex hose
  • Wall charger for the battery

Operation instructions.
  • Out of the several included valve adaptors, you will need to find one that fits tightly inside your air valve. The correct adaptor should have a small perpendicular plastic piece that goes inside across the tube or will have 2 small tabs. This perpendicular piece or tabs are designed to press on the pushpin inside the valve to open valve and allow air to be pumped inside boat chamber. Try different adaptors to see which one fits better and can firmly press on the pushpin of your air valve.
  • Before attaching the hose with the correct plastic valve adaptor to your own valve, please make sure that the pushpin inside the valve is in the upper, locked position. Air will not escape from a chamber when the pushpin is in the upper position.
  • Insert the valve adaptor connected to the electric pump hose into the Naru valve, so that the perpendicular piece or tabs presses the valve pushpin down, and unlocks the valve by letting air in. Once the chamber is full to capacity, you will quickly pull one end of the electric pump hose, and the valve will automatically lock itself.
  • Never inflate an air valve that is locked as this will burn out the pump very quickly and will void your warranty.
  • Set the proper air pressure in KPAs on your electric pump dial prior to operating the pump.
  • When the boat is deflated, the high-volume air pump will start quickly filling the chamber up to 80%, and then the high-pressure pump will kick in to fill the boat to the setting of the air pressure dial. You will hear a more louder noise once high pressure piston pump will start working. That is normal. The pump should stop automatically once the correct air pressure is reached. If the pump goes over the set pressure stop and remove the inflator!

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Weight: 6kg
Size: 21cm x 21cm x 37cm
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Additional Information
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