26cc 2 Stroke Petrol D-Handle Brush Cutter / Whipper Snipper

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Product Description
This lightweight but powerful brush cutter is designed for all types of yard clearing. With both a twin line bump head, as well as a 3 tooth steel blade this machine can handle a wide range of undergrowth.

They are easy to start and the D-handle design makes control nice and easy, especially when coupled with the body harness.

Model: CG415Q26

Certification: Euro 5

Engine Type: Air-cooled, 2 stroke

Displacement: 25.4cc

Power: 0.8kw

Carburettor: Diaphragm type

2-stroke oil/petrol mixing ratio: 50:1

Tank capacity: 0.55L

Pole length: 1500mm

Tube Diameter: 26mm

Heads: Twin Line Feed, Metal Blade 3 Tooth

Weight: 5.2kg

Shipping info:
  Weight: 9.1kg
  Size: 184cm x 30cm x 27cm

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Additional Information
Manufacturer Maxi-Pro
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