Electric Jockey Wheel Mini Mover Gen2 - NVYC500K

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Product Description
When you need the extra muscle to move your trailer, caravan, camper, horse float, boat or anything else that uses a jockey wheel then you need the Maxi-Pro 12V Electric Motorised Jockey Wheel.

This brand new version is now capable of moving up to 2722kg's (6000lbs) on an incline of up to 7 degrees. With both forward and reverse, a wide (8cm) heavy duty rubber wheel and an automatic braking system moving your trailer around becomes a breeze.

With a special jockey wheel locking system this means that once locked no-one can remove the jockey wheel without a key. The unit is supplied with 4, so you'll always have one to hand!

The unit needs to be powered by a 12V DC battery with a minimum size of 20Ah (not included), maximum draw of the motor is 45.83 amps.

NVYC500G Specifications
Motor DC 12V : 550W
Gear Ratio 494:1
Max Speed 7m/min
Max Incline 7 Degrees
Braking action Automatic
Max Vehicle Load 2722kg
Max Jockey Wheel Load 498kg
Jockey Wheel Diameter 20cm
Jockey Wheel Up Stand Diameter 48mm
Battery Lead Length 1.6m
Net Weight 17kg

Shipping info:
 Weight: 19kg
 Size: 78cm x 40cm x 30cm
Additional Information
Additional Information
Manufacturer Maxi-Pro
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