Long Span Shelving 2m Long - 300kg/Shelf Add-On Unit

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Product Description
The Add-On units are to be used in conjuction with a main unit to give you an extra bay.

As these join to the end of an existing main unit you only receive one end frame.

Specifications and Features are exactly the same as the main units, as shown below.

Each unit measures 200cm high, 192cm* wide and 60cm deep, and capable of holding 300kg per layer (evenly distributed). As standard the unit comes with 4 layers, including 8 flat panel steel shelf inserts.

With no nuts and bolts required to attach the shelves, each can be positioned to suit your own needs and easily moved if required. For added convenience and safety locking pins can be used to hold the rails in place. Rails are 60mm x 40mm and 1mm thick in cross section.

Each upright can also be bolted to the floor for added stability and safety. The uprights are also double sided so adding extra bays is a simple and straightforward task.

• 2m High
• 1.92m Long*
• 60cm Wide
• 300kg per Layer Capacity
• 8 x Steel Shelf Inserts
• Powder Coated Frames
• Easily Expandable
• Strong tubular cross members

Add-On Package Includes:
• 2 x End Uprights
• 8 x Support Rails
• 8 x Shelf Panels
• 3 x Short Cross Members
• 2 x Long Cross Members

* Please Note:  As these are add-on units, and use one set of legs on an existing unit, they are actually only 1.92m long in total length. So a main unit & add-on measures 3.92m, adding each additional add-on adds 1.92m to the total length of the racks.

Shipping Info:

Package 1 (Rails)
  Weight: 22kg
  Sizes: 20cm x 18cm x 200cm

Package 2 (Uprights)
  Weight: 9kg
  Sizes: 9cm x 9cm x 205cm

Package 3 (Shelves)
  Weight: 26kg
  Sizes: 56cm x 21cm x 93cm
Additional Information
Additional Information
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