Product Description
Quality air pressure gauge.

This gauge will work with the Halkey-Roberts style valves. The valve will unscrew at the base which then may fit into other types of valves as well.

How important is it to have the correct pressure in your tubes? VERY!

If your tubes are too soft your boat will handle very sloppy and will not be safe. You will slide through turns and wander all over the place. If the tubes are too hard you run the risk of tube rupture and the seams giving way. Not to mention its like sitting on a concrete block while your backside is being pounded by every wave, even 1psi difference of pressure can mean a huge loss in performance.

With a pressure gauge all these problems are avoided.

Simply un-screw your valves dust cap and press the gauge in, this will then give you the correct pressure reading, this gauge will give accurate readings up to 15 psi or 1 bar.

We have tried and tested these valves on our own range of SURFSEA inflatables.

Shipping info:
Weight: 0.4kg
Size: 15cm x 10cm x 10cm
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Additional Information
Manufacturer Scuba Marine Products
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